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Happy Valentine's day!

Hi, everyone! It's been quite a ride and still is an amazing one. I don't usually do this. But I guess I'd do this anyway, here on my other own space, in the name of love (yiihh). I am not the most expressive type of person. I don't really find lenghty Facebook wall posts sweet (#truestory) so I don't do it. Neither do I want someone else to do it for me anyway (not that I know someone really would, Tom is my male version, so yeah, you get the picture).

But, like I said, I'll do it anyway, just not on Facebook (or any other social media channel for that matter). Here goes nothing (get your paper bags)

To mother goose (MAMA, hahaha):

Mothers and daughters, at some point of their lives, do not agree with each other's views. But then again, they're bound by flesh and blood. No matter what, moms and daughetrs will always have this connection (

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